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  • There is no roster lock in this tournament.

  • No player may use a relief pitcher for two games in a row. If the same relief pitcher is used two games in a row, then the other player may request 3 intentional walks at any point in the game, if that request is not met them must auto forfeit the match.

  • Games will be played on a set schedule on a set day, failure to make your match time will result in a forfeit. 

  • Game settings will be no quick counts, 9 inning games, all-star difficulty, perfect umpires, and no injuries. 

  • When the game ends you must report the final score to the chat to be documented.

  • Failure to pitch will result in a loss for the pitching team. 

  • If anything suspect happens you can press the share button on your PlayStation controller and record it so you can show the tournament official.


MLB The show and all of its assets are owned by San Diego Studios

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