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Welcome to Bandit Indoor Golf!

Bandit Golf is a family owned and operated golf simulator environment. Don't let the cold and rain keep you from playing the sport you love.  Here at Bandits, you can play golf all year long in a controlled climate using your own clubs & balls on our Uneekor Eye XO golf simulator. 


The Eye XO is 98% accurate and requires no special balls or club stickers. On the simulator, you can work on the driving range or several short game modes. The simulator provides feedback on distance, club head and ball speed, spin rates, angles, as well as short videos of the ball striking the clubface. Also, players can challenge many great golf courses on the simulator!  On average, it takes 1 hour for a golfer to complete an 18 hole golf course. 

The cost is $35 an hour.  It best accommodates up to 3 golfers/hr.  A 10 session Loyalty Card is available for $300 which makes each session only $30/hour. Reserve your time now at 202-352-0641 (reservations are required)


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